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Proudly Serving Union Township, Mifflin County, PA
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Incidents 2014


4/17/14 - Chimney Fire With Extension


At 09:43 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to 2 Jericho Road for a chimney fire with possible extension. Engine 24-1 arrived on scene with a two-story, single family dwelling and normal exterior conditions. Crews extinguished a small fire in the walls and cleaned the interior of the chimney before returning to service an hour later.

House on 2 Jerico Road with chimney fireEngine 24-1 on sceen of chimney fire at 2 Jerico Road

Firemen at work extinguishing chimney fire at 2 Jerico Road

(photos courtesy FF Benn & Alan Sunderland)

4/9/14 - Menno Township Field Fire


At 17:05 hours, Brush 24 and Special Unit 24 were dispatched to Menno Twp, the area of Front Mountain Rd and Wood Ln, for a field fire. Crews arrived to find a grassy field on fire and quickly extinguished it. This was also the first call for the new Brush 24.

Bruch 24 extinguishing field fireSpecial Unit 24 extinguishing field fire

Special Unit 24 getting ready to leave
(photos courtesy FF K. Zook)

3/27/14 - Brush Fire, 6-Alarm Rowhome Fire, and MVA in Two Days


At 14:47 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to a brush fire in Menno Township, 630 Bunker Hill Rd along with Company 25. Tanker 24-1 made it on scene to assist but no other apparatus was needed.

Around 18:30 hours, Mifflin County Communications dispatched units to the 300 block of Terrace Blvd, in Juniata Terrace for a reported structure fire. First arriving units found a working fire in a middle-of-the-row unit, with fire spreading quickly. Despite aggressive operations by initial companies, the fire quickly spread in both directions to adjoining units. At 18:41 hours, Tanker 24, along with numerous other companies, was requested to the scene of the multi-alarm fire. As the fire continued to quickly spread, Command 15 requested additional resources from all over Mifflin, Juniata, Snyder, Huntingdon, and Centre Counties. At 19:57 hours, Engine 24-1 was dispatched to the scene. Engine 24-1 laid 800 feet of supply line from a tanker dump site and supplied Engine 6, which in turn supplied Truck 14 with aerial operations. The crew off Engine 24-1 assisted with interior overhaul and salvage operations. The fire reached 6 alarms, sending several dozen pieces of equipment. In all, approximately 18 units were destroyed or damaged. Company 24 returned to service around 01:30 hours. Thank you to Huntingdon County Company 19 for transferring to our station!

Rowhouse fire - Picture 1 of 6Rowhouse fire - Picture 2 of 6Rowhouse fire - Picture 3 of 6Rowhouse fire - Picture 4 of 6Rowhouse fire - Picture 5 of 6

Rowhouse fire - Picture 6 of 6



At 12:40 hours, the Rescue & Engine Co were dispatched to 4386 E. Main St (Agway) for a motor vehicle accident. Rescue 24 found two autos involved, minor to no injuries. Crews checked for hazards and returned to service.

Pickup truck with rear end damageCar with front end damage

(photos courtesy FF K. Zook)

3/17/14 - St. Patrick’s Day House Fire


At 1226 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to Box 25-10, Menno Twp, 630 Bunker Hill Rd, for a chimney fire. While Engine 24-1 was en route, fire police from Company 25 arrived on scene and reported smoke and fire pushing from the eves. Chief 25, anticipating an attic fire, upgraded the box to the first alarm assignment, sending additional units from Mifflin and Huntingdon Counties. Engine 24-1 picked up Engine 25-1's supply line at the end of the lane. The crew from Engine 24 pulled two crosslays off Engine 25-1 and stretched to the second floor and attic. Crews encountered heavy smoke conditions on Division 2 and in the attic, but no visible fire. Crews then began ventilating and opening up to find the fire. After opening the walls and ceiling, fire was found in the walls behind the woodstove on Division 1, in the walls and ceiling in two rooms on Division 2, and spreading throughout the attic. Due to low staffing levels from the first alarm units, Command 25 requested the second alarm assignment for additional manpower. After extensive overhaul and checking for additional extension, the fire was marked under control in about an hour, and crews mopped up for an additional two hours.

Smoke seen from a distanceA closer look at the fire


3/2/14 - Another Fire At Donsco Foundry


At 10:38 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to the old Donsco Foundry, 4381 Front Mountain Rd, Box 24-40, for a reported commercial fire. Engine 24-1 reported smoke showing from a mile out. The Engine dropped a supply line and arrived on scene to find a larger transformer on fire at the rear of the structure. Crews advanced a crosslay and quickly extinguished the fire. Command held the Box to Companies 24 and 25. Units returned to service approximately an hour later.

Transformer fire at the old Donsco FoundryTransformer fire at the old Donsco FoundryTransformer fire extinguished at the old Donsco Foundry

(photos courtesy LT Cline)

2/6/14 - 2/8/14 - Three Runs in Two Days


At 11:10 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to the old Donsco Foundry for a reported commercial fire, Box 24-40. Chief 24-1 arrived on scene with large, multi-story industrial facility with smoke showing. Engine 24-1 laid 800' of 5" and the crew advanced a line into the building. The second alarm assignment was requested, sending numerous companies from Mifflin County to the scene. Crews extinguished the fire in one of rooms under construction, ventilated and overhauled, before returning to service around 1300 hours

(photos courtesy of Matt Yohn, Reedsville Fire Co.)


At 23:16 hours, Tanker 24 was requested to the scene of the barn fire, Granville Twp, 350 N. River Rd


At 08:49 hours, Tanker and Special Unit 24 were dispatched to Box 6-60, Brown Twp, 261 Coopers Gap Rd for a reported house fire. Chief 6 arrived on scene with a chimney fire with minor extension. Command held the Box to Company 6.

02/3/14 - 2/4/14 - Four Calls in Two Days


Recent snow storms have kept Company 24 busy. At 1100 hours, Engine & Rescue Co 24 were dispatched to Box 24-50, intersection of West Main St and Mechanic St for an auto accident. Rescue 24 arrived on scene with an SUV into the back of a plow truck, fluids down, and no injuries. Crews controlled the downed fluids and assisted with traffic control before returning to service a short time later.

Front-end collision

The second call of the day was a mutual aid call to Huntingdon County. At 1421 hours, Engine & Tanker 24 were dispatched to Miller Twp, 11050 Horning Woods Rd, Box 19-5, for a structure fire. Company 19 arrived on scene with a 20’ x 30’ out building on fire. Crews pulled two handlines and a blitzfire to extinguish the fire. A fill site was established several miles away, and Tanker 24 hauled one load of water. The Engine crew assisted with overhaul.


At 1700 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to Brown Twp, 6671 State Route 655 for a chimney fire. Company 24 assisted Company 6 with extinguishing the fire and checking for extension.

Second call of the day: At 2018 hours, the Engine Co was alerted to 4702 East Main St (Valley View Nursing Home) for a commercial fire alarm. Communications advised of a water flow alarm possibly caused by the water main break on Main St. Chief 24-1 held units in quarters before placing the box in service a few minutes later.

1/31/14 - Chimney Fire With Extension


At 11:11 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to Menno Township, 2517 State Route 655 for a chimney fire. Engine 24-1 responded with a light crew and arrived first on scene with a two-story, single family dwelling, smoke showing from the exterior walls. Crews from Engines 24-1 and 25-1 stretched lines to the first and second floor, where they encountered a moderate smoke condition and no visible fire. Opening the walls on the second floor resulted in finding the hidden fire. The fire was quickly extinguished and crews checked for additional extension on the interior and exterior of the residence. Crews also emptied the woodstove and extinguished the fire in the chimney.

House fireHouse fire

(photos courtesy of FF J. Chester)

1/3/14 & 1/7/14 - 2014 Opens with an MVA and a Fire


Company 24 started the new year off with a two-vehicle motor vehicle accident at 09:58 hours at the intersection of State Route 655 and South Dryhouse Rd. Rescue 24 arrived on scene confirming dispatch, and two patients still in the vehicles. Crews from the Engine Co assisted EMS 23 with packaging one patient, while the Rescue crew worked on extricating the patient in the other car. Crews used the hydraulic O-cutter and sawzall to cut the seat back to make patient removal easier. Once free, the patient was transferred to EMS 23, Medic 12. Units cleared a short time later.

Accident at Dryhouse Road

(photo courtesy FF Chester)


At 06:03 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to Box 25-10, Menno Twp, 58 Hickory Ln, for a barn fire. Chief 25 arrived on scene with a large storage shed fully involved and requested the second alarm assignment for additional manpower in the sub-zero temperature. Engine 24-1 laid a supply line from the end of the lane to the scene, and the crew pulled two attack lines. A fill site was also established to supply the on scene units. Personnel from Companies 24, 25, and several Huntingdon County companies overhauled the shed. Crews operated on scene for approximately an hour and a half.

Fireman at the storage shed fire

(photo courtesy Asst. Chief Milliron)