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Incidents - 2012

12/29/12 - Snowmobile Accident in Huntingdon County

12/29/12 - The Last Run For 2012

At 11:03 hrs, Rescue Company 24 was requested to Jackson Twp, Huntingdon County to assist Company 19 with a snowmobile accident.  Rescue 24 responded fully staffed, and Brush 24 followed with additional manpower.  Chief 19 advised incoming units that the roads were not yet plowed and that the accident was approximately 2 miles back Rag Hollow Road and the patient was down an embankment.  The Rescue was told to stage at the DCNR building at the entrance to Rag Hollow and the crew should load rope rescue equipment onto Brush 24 and proceed to the scene.  Brush 24 met Chief 19 and Special Unit 19 at the accident site.  Crews descended to the patient, packaged him, and carried him back to the road where he was evaluated by EMS and taken to the hospital.  Company 24 then helped recover the totaled snowmobile.  Company 24 was released at 13:16 hrs.  

12/24/12 - Christmas Eve Barn Fire


At 13:41 hrs, Tanker 24 was again requested over Jack’s Mountain for another barn fire in the 18-30 Box. Chief 18 advised that he could see flames on top of the Mattawana Hill from several miles out. Tanker 24 hauled three loads of water (a total of 9,000 gallons) before being placed in service several hours later.

A look at the barn after the fire was put outFiremen at work putting out the fire

(Photos courtesy of Junction Fire Company)

12/23/12 - Bratton Township Barn Fire


Around 04:50 hrs, an 18 Box (McVeytown) was struck for a reported fully involved house fire on River Road, Bratton Twp. A Chief officer 18 arrived on scene with a fully involved barn fire and upgraded the box, which brought additional units. At 05:24, Tanker 24 was requested to the scene. The Tanker responded on the call, but shortly after arriving on scene was placed in service. The Box was placed in service around 08:30.

Fire from a distance Firemen at work extinguishing the fireA look at the fire damage

(photos courtesy of Patrick Traxler of McVeytown EMS)

12/9/12 - Fire Alarm At Valley View


At 18:58 hrs, Engine Company 24 was alerted to an automatic fire alarm at Valley View nursing home.

12/2/12 - Auto Accident With Rollover on Wills Road


At 18:26 hrs, Company 24 was alerted to an auto accident with rollover on Wills Road.  The Rescue arrived confirming a vehicle on its roof and the driver out of the car with no injuries.  The box was placed in service shortly after.

Overturned Car
11/29/12 - Rescue of Injured Logger


At 16:00 hrs, Rescue Company 24 was dispatched to Greenwood Furnace State Park for a rescue assignment.  Rescue 24 responded along with Brush 24 with additional manpower and assisted Huntingdon County Company 19 with rescuing an injured logger.  Crews packaged the patient and then transported him from the woods to a waiting ambulance.

10/18/12 - Brush Fire in Brown Township


At 14:37 hrs. Company 24 assisted Company 6 with a brush fire along the old KV Railroad bed and Taylor Mill Road in Brown Twp. Special Unit 24 and Brush 6 arrived to find a 100’ by 100’ patch of woods on fire. The two water turrets off the Special Unit were put in service and crews mopped up the involved area.  Approximately 3,100 gallons of water was used.

(photos courtesy of Reedsville Fire Company)

9/13/12 & 9/14/12 - Two Fires In As Many Days


At 09:25 hrs, Rescue 24 was alerted to a barn fire on Siglerville Pike, Armagh Twp.  The Rescue was requested for air supply, but went available upon arriving on scene.

Firemen using poles Barn in flames


At 10:50 hrs, the 24-30 Box was struck for a vehicle fire at the intersection of East Main and Grand Streets. Chief 24-2 arrived on scene, reporting a working van fire. Engine 24, with a 2-man crew, made a good stop to the fire. Other members arrived shortly after the Engine, and began overhauling the van.

9/12/12 - Tanker Assists on Sawmill Fire


At 03:27 hrs, Tanker 24 was requested to respond to Cedar Grove Lane, Armagh Twp (Box 7-40) for a sawmill fire.  The Tanker, along with Companies 7,8,6,3,4, 1, 15, and Centre Hall, operated on the scene for several hours.  The 24 crew dumped 6 tanker loads (a total of 18,000 gallons of water) to supply the engines on the scene.

Sawmill Fire

(photo courtesy of Reedsville Fire Company)

8/22/12 - Structure Fire on Barville Road

8/22/12 - Structure Fire in the 6-50 Box

Companies 6, 24, 1, 5, 4, 7, 18, 25, and EMS 23 & 12 responded to 65 Barrville Road (AJ Peachey’s) for a reported structure.  Chief 6 arrived on scene, reporting fire through the roof.  Engine 6-1 stretched the line and began attacking the fire.  The 24 crew and the other companies assisted with extinguishment and overhaul.

Fire beginning to come through the roof Roof engulfed in flamesFiremen at the scene
8/21/12 - Minor MVA at Wills Road and Front Mountain Road

8/21/12 - Minor MVA

At 20:53 hrs, the 24-60 Box was struck for a motor vehicle accident at Wills Road and Front Mountain Road. Chief 24 arrived on scene advising that the patient self-extricated and was uninjured; the Box was then placed in service.

8/14/12 - Busy Week For Co. 24


Box 24-60 was struck for a motor vehicle accident with rollover on Jack’s Mountain Road. Rescue 24, Engine 24, and Ambulance 23-1 arrived on scene confirming dispatch and finding one patient out of the vehicle. EMS 23 took the patient refusal.

Overturned carFireman entering overturned car


The following day at 12:17 hrs, Co. 24 was again alerted to a motor vehicle accident with injuries on Route 655 just east of Dry House Road.  Crews arrived on scene finding a mini van off the road and a utility pole/wires down; minor injuries. Crews assisted EMS with patient care, secured utilities and assisted fire police with traffic control.

Utility pole on the roadCar in the corn field


At 12:40 hrs, the 25-10 Box was struck for a residential fire in Whitehall. Chief 25 arrived on scene with smoke showing, but reporting a chimney fire. The Engine, Rescue, and Tanker responded and assisted Co. 25 with extinguishment and checked for extension. The Box was placed in service around 13:30 hrs.  Less than an hour after returning from the chimney fire, the 24-30 Box was struck at 14:25 for a motor vehicle accident at East Main Street and Maple Grove Road.  Ambulance 23-2 arrived on scene reporting two vehicles involved, airbag deployment, no injuries. The Rescue and Engine arrived and the crews contained the downed fluids, swept the roadway, and waited for Parson’s Towing. 

Vehicle with rear damageVehicle with front damageFiremen sweeping roadway


As severe thunderstorms moved through the area, Company 25, 24, 6, and several Huntingdon County companies were alerted at 20:08 hrs to a structure fire in Brady Twp.  Chief 25 reported a fully involved cabin fire with limited access to the building. Engine 24 could see flames from Stone Mountain as they passed through Whitehall, still several miles from the scene.  Special Unit 24 and several brush trucks were the only units that were able to access the cabin. Crews operated in heavy rain for approximately two hours to extinguish and overhaul the structure. While the 24 crew was in Allensville, Company 6 (Reedsville) transferred to Co. 25.  While on the transfer, Engine 6-1 and remaining Union Twp. Fire Police were alerted to a transformer fire along Route 655 above Whitehall. FP 24 shut down the road and Engine 6 secured the pole fire and waited for Penelec.

(Photos courtesy of FF Jason Peachey, Allensville Fire Co.)

7/29/12 - Two MVA's For the Week

Two MVA’s For the Week


At 10:57 hrs, Company 24 along with EMS Co. 23 and Medic 12 were alerted to a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle on the “S” turns on Greenwood Road half way up Stone Mountain.  Chief 24-1 arrived on scene reporting a motorcycle and rider off the roadway in a ditch.  Rescue 24 arrived on scene shortly after EMS and assisted with patient packaging and loading the patient into the ambulance.

Firemen get information at the crash siteMotorcycle being pulled out of the ditch


At 03:39 hrs, the 24-30 Box was again struck for a motor vehicle accident at N. Dry House Road and State Route 655.  Chief 24-1 arrived on scene reporting one vehicle involved with no driver around, two utility poles sheared off, and debris on the roadway.  The Engine and Rescue arrived on scene, checked for hazards with the car and utility poles, and began searching for the missing driver.  After searching the fields with spotlights and the thermal imaging camera, Mifflin County Regional Police advised they apprehended the intoxicated driver at his home in Belleville.  The 24 crew cleaned up the downed fluids, assisted P.D. with gathering information, and waited for Parson’s Towing  to remove the car.  The Box was placed in service around 04:30. 

Broken pole hanging from wires

7/18/12 - Wires Down

Wires Down


Thunderstorms rolled through the area this afternoon and with that came downed power lines.  Companies 24 & 6 and EMS Company 23 were alerted at 13:15 hrs to downed power lines in the area of Mountain Side Wood Products on Front Mountain Road.  The Engine responded with 3 and held the box to Co. 24 & EMS. On scene, the crew checked for hazards, reported the pole numbers for Penelec, and assisted fire police with traffic control. The 24-60 Box was placed in service at 13:42.

Pole with wires on the groundCloser look at wire on the groundFiremen at workEngine 24 at the scene
7/3/12 - Controlled Burn Out of Control on McYoder Lane

Another Controlled Burn Out of Control


At 14:22 hrs, the 24-10 Box was struck for a Local Alarm fire on McYoder Lane. Reported by a passing motorist as a fire behind a corn field, the Box assignment sent Companies 24 and 6, and EMS Co. 23. Engine 24 arrived on scene reporting a brush/garbage pile fire extending toward the corn field.  The Box was held to E-24 and fire police.  The crew extinguished and overhauled the fire, and then returned to service.

Fire behind a corn fieldBruch and garbage fireFiremen extinguish fireFiremen extinguish the fire
6/23/12 - 6/25/12 - Two Light Fires in Three Days

Two Light Fires in Three Days


At 19:41 hrs, Companies 24, 25, 6, 1, & 3 were dispatched to the Belleville Commons for an electrical fire in one of the rows of apartments. Engine 24, which was in the middle of a drafting exercise in Kish Creek, responded during roll call, and arrived on scene reporting that an exterior light had burned.  Thanks to the quick action of a neighbor with a fire extinguisher, the damage was contained to the light. Chief 24 held the box to Co. 24. Crews shut off utilities, checked for extension and then the box was placed in service. 


The second light fixture fire (dispatched as smoke in the structure) occurred at 14:34 hrs at the Union Township office.  The box was again held to Co. 24 and the engine crew removed the light ballast, checked for extension, and returned to service a few minutes later.

Porch light after fire extinguishedUp close look at porch light after fire was extinguishedEngine 24 at the scene of the porch light fire

6/22/12 - Reported Barn Fire in the 6-50 Box (Taylor Mill Road, Brown Twp)

Reported Barn Fire in the 6-50 Box


At 14:33 hrs. Company 24, along with several other companies, were dispatched to Taylor Mill Road, Brown Twp for a reported barn fire.  Chief 6-1 advised he could see smoke from a mile out.  Once on scene, he reported a controlled burn of a torn-down barn and held the box to Companies 6 and 24.  The Engine 6 crew extinguished the small fire in and around the shed, while crews from Engine 24 and Special Unit 24 extinguished/overhauled the remains of the barn.  Both companies were placed in service approximately 50 minutes later.

Fire in the background
Crew extinguishing the fire
A closer view of the fire
Special Unit 24 applying water to the fire
6/20/12 - Pickup Truck Crashed Into a House on Green Street

Truck Into House


Company 24 was dispatched around 18:23 hrs to Green Street for a reported pickup truck into a house.  Chief 24-1 arrived on scene confirming dispatch and reporting no injuries.  Crews removed the truck from the porch and stabilized the damaged porch roof with a rescue strut and cribbing. The box was cleared shortly afterward.

Supporting up the porch
Putting supports under porch roof
Porch column was broken
A look at the support put in place
5/19/12 - Tanker Runs to Stone Valley


Shortly before 06:00 hrs, Tanker 24 was requested to Jackson Township, Huntingdon County for a large stack of hay bales on fire. The tanker supplied Engine 19 (Stone Creek Valley) and Engine 11-2 (Shavers Creek) before returning to service 2 hours later.

Tanker at Stone Valley
Applying water to the hay
Stone Creek Valley Engine 19
Applying water to the hay bales
4/20/12 - Lingle Valley Mountain Fire


At approximately 13:15 hrs Mifflin County Communications dispatched Brush and Special Unit 24 to Lingle Valley Road in Armagh Township for a mountain. Command 7 requested that SU 24 follow a dozer line off Spruce Mountain Road to re-fill brush trucks. Brush 24 responded later on and the crew began digging line on the right flank of the fire. Fire companies and forest fire crews from several surrounding counties contained the 43-acre fire around 21:00 hrs.

Lingle Valley Mountain Fire - Photo 1
Lingle Valley Mountain Fire - Photo 2
Lingle Valley Mountain Fire - Photo 3
Lingle Valley Mountain Fire - Photo 4