Belleville Fire Company
Belleville Fire Company - Proudly serving Union Township, Mifflin County, PA
Proudly Serving Union Township, Mifflin County, PA
Since 1920

Belleville Fire Comapny Banquet and Awards Ceremony

April 14, 2013

The Banquet Participants

2013 Belleville Fire Comapny Banquet

President's Award

President's Award winner - Chief Neil YorksPresident's Award Winner: Chief Neil Yorks

Chief's Award

Chief's AwardChief's Award Winner: Lt. Ty Cline

10 Years of Service Pins

Ten year service award10 Years of Service pins: John Benn and Keven Sharp

20 Years of Service Pin

Twenty Year of Service pin20 Years of Service pin: First Asst. Chief Mike Frank

40 Years of Service Pins

40 Years of Service pins40 Years of Service pins: Sid Yoder and Bob Glick

Community Service Award Winners

Community Service Award - Ed BilichCommunity Service Award Winner:
Ed Bilich
Owner of New Horizons Computer Services

In appreciation for creating and maintaining the company's website

Community Service Award - Done and Bonnie PeacheyCommunity Service Award Winner:
Don and Bonnie Peachey
Owners of the Whitehall Store

In appreciation for all they do to make the company successful

Honorary Memberships

Honorary Memberships - Chuck and Don SmithHonorary Memberships: Chuck and Don Smith
In appreciation for all they do to assist the company throughout the year

2013 Administrative and Operational Officers

2013 Administrative and Operational Officers2013 Administrative and Operational Officers