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Incidents 2013


12/31/13 - BFC Closes 2013 With a House Fire


At 20:10 hours, Co 24 was dispatched to Huntingdon County, Brady Twp, 205 Sharpsburg Rd for a house fire. Communications advised fire in the walls around the chimney. Chief 25-1 arrived on scene confirming dispatch and fire showing. Crews from Engine 25-1 made a quick knock to the fire from the exterior, while the crew from Engine 24-1 checked all floors for extension on the inside of the residence. Company 24 members also cleaned out the wood stove and overhauled before returning to service an hour later.

House Fire

(photo courtesy FF Benn)

12/17/13 - MVA in Stone Valley


At 20:25 hours, Rescue 24 was requested to Huntingdon County, Jackson Twp, 14000 block of Broad Mountain Rd (area of Kish Gun Club), to assist Company 19 with an auto accident. Special Unit 19 arrived on scene with a pickup truck partially over an embankment and four patients with minor injuries. Rescue 24 responded with 6 personnel. Once arriving on scene, the Rescue crew started patient care until the arrival of the ambulance. Crews also checked the truck for hazards before returning to service an hour later.

Firemen arrive at the accidentPickup truck at crash location

(photos courtesy of FF Chester)

11/14/13, 11/15/13, 11/19/13 - Company 24 Takes in 3 Runs


At 16:20 hours, Engine and Rescue Company 24 and EMS 23 were alerted to Union Twp, 3358 West Main St (Locust Grove Mennonite Church) for a motor vehicle accident. Chief 24 arrived on scene with one vehicle off the roadway and into a field. The patient had only minor injuries.

Scene of car accident near Maple Grove ChurchResponders to the car accident at Maple Grove Church

(photos courtesy FF Benn)


At 21:19 hours, Company 24 was requested to assist Ambulance 23-1 with lifting at 4501 East Main St. Engine 24-1 responded with several personnel.


At 14:29 hours, Tanker 24 was dispatched to Fernlee Lane in Derry Township to assist multiple companies on a house fire. First arriving units arrived to find a two-story residence fully involved. Tanker 24 hauled one load of water before returning to service.

11/6/13 - Rescue 24 Goes Over the Mountain


At 21:04 hours, Rescue 24 was alerted to Huntingdon County, Jackson Twp, 5507 McAlavey’s Fort Road for a motor vehicle accident. Company 19 (Stone Valley) arrived on scene with three vehicles involved, one of which was into a house. Rescue 24 was requested as well as Squad 65 (Huntingdon Regional Fire & Rescue) for more equipment and man power. It was determined that the driver of the truck into the house hit two parked cars and then crashed into the house. A landing zone was set up for air medical, and the patient was flown to a trauma center.

Vehicle into houseFiremen at the scene


(photos courtesy of FF Benn and FF K. Zook)

9/19/13 - Grain Elevator Fire


Shortly before 19:00 hours, the 6-40 Box was struck for a reported commercial fire at 141 Three Cent Lane (East Gate Feed & Grain), sending Companies 6, 7, 3, 4, 24, 15, 1, and 25. Chief 6 arrived on scene with smoke showing from one of the grain elevators. Crews made access to the interior of one of the soybean dryers and attacked the fire. Tanker 24 dropped its fold-a-tank and dumped one load (3,000 gallons) of water, along with several other tankers. Crews off of Engine 24-1, Rescue 24, and Special Unit 24 assisted with fire extinguishment and overhaul. Company 24 returned to service in under two hours.

Firemen on the roofSmoke seen on the roof

(photos courtesy of FF Benn)

8/2/13 - 8/4/13 - Two Calls for Festival Week


Shortly after finishing the Chicken BBQ, around 16:00 hrs, Companies 24, 25, 6, 3, Truck 1 were alerted to 3867 W. Main St, Union Twp, for a reported house fire. Mifflin County Communications advised of an oven on fire. Engine 24 arrived on scene with a small fire in the oven and smoke throughout the first floor. The 24-30 Box was then held to Co 24. Crews quickly extinguished the fire and ventilated the residence.

Oven after fire was extinguishedOutside the home

Engine 24 in front of the house

(photos courtesy of FF Benn)


Not long after the annual Firemen’s Festival came to a close (01:09 hours), Mifflin County Communications dispatched Engine and Rescue Company 24, EMS 23, and Medic 12 to Union Township, in the area of Jacks Mountain Road and Front Mountain Road for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Communications updated the address to the area of Front Mountain Road and Waynesburg Road, Menno Township. Additional info stated that there was a tractor trailer on its side with the driver trapped inside. Chief 24 arrived on scene with a loaded milk truck on its side in the ditch, telephone pole sheared off, one occupant out of the truck, and the driver heavily pinned inside. Due to the location being a 25 Box, Chief 24 started Company 25 to the scene. Rescue 24 arrived and quickly went to work. Crews from both Belleville and Allensville Fire Companies used multiple sets of hydraulic and power tools to gain access to the patient. Due to the extreme damage to the truck and the way the patient was trapped, Rescue 6 was requested for additional equipment. Crews removed both doors, the roof, and part of the dashboard to free the patient. The extensive and complicated extrication took over an hour to complete. After assisting EMS with patient packaging and cleaning up tools, Co 24 and 25 remained on scene to assist the heaver wrecker with lighting. Company 24 returned to service at 05:15 hours.

Crew working to extract patientMilk truck on its side

Milk truck on its sideMilk truck on its side

Truck cab after extractionTruck cab after driver extraction

(photos courtesy of FF Chester and LT Cline)

7/14/13 - 7/19/13 - Quiet Spell Ends With 6 Runs for the Week


At 21:54 hours, Engine Rescue 24 and EMS Co 23 were alerted to 5369 State Route 655, in the area of Brookmere Winery, for an auto accident - car vs. horse and buggy, Box 24-10. Chief 24-1 arrived on scene confirming dispatch; no injuries. Units returned a short time later.


At 07:18 hours, Mifflin County Communications sent Engine and Rescue Co 24, EMS Co 23, and Medic 12 to the 3300 block of West Main St, for an auto accident - vehicle overturned with possible entrapment, Box 24-60. Chief 24-1 arrived on scene with one vehicle on its side and negative entrapment. Crews assisted EMS with patient care and controlled downed fluids before returning to service.

Vehicle on its side

(photo courtesy of FF Zook)


At 11:18 hours, Engine Rescue Co 24 and EMS Co 23 were alerted to 4097 East Main St for a motor vehicle accident, Box 24-30. Units arrived on scene to find two cars involved, multiple patients, and debris/fluid on the roadway. Crews assisted EMS with patient care and controlling the downed fluids. In all, four patients were transported to the hospital.


At 03:50 hours, Company 6 was alerted to 55 Carriage House Lane (Elmcroft Assisted Living), Brown Twp for an automatic fire alarm, Box 6-40. While en route, Communications upgraded the Box to smoke in the building, sending Engine Co 24. Units arrived to find smoke coming from one of the resident’s rooms. It was later determined to be freon from the air conditioner and units returned to service.

Fire at Cariage House LaneFire at Cariage House Lane

(photos courtesy of FF Benn)


Just after 11:00 hours, the 6-40 Box was struck for a reported barn fire at 6775 State Route 655.  Chief 6 responded and reported heavy smoke from several miles out. Engine 6-1 arrived on scene and put their blitzgun in service.  Engine 24 was requested by Command 6 to lay a supply line back the lane to supply Engine 6-1.  Engine 24 laid approximately 1,400 feet of 5-inch.  Crews then pulled the blitzgun and 2 ½ inch attack line off Engine 24 and began attacking the fire.  Engine 24 was supplied from the dump site on SR 655.  Once Truck 1 arrived on scene, Engine 24 supplied their ladder pipe operations.  Tanker 24 hauled several loads of water.  Crews operated in near 100 degree weather for approximately four hours before returning to service.

Barn FireBarn Fire

Barn FireBarn Fire

Barn FireBarn Fire

(photos courtesy of FF Benn and Reedsville Fire Co)


At 10:03 hours, Company 24 was dispatched to the intersection of State Route 655 and South Dryhouse Road for a hay wagon on fire. Crews extinguished the fire and completed overhauling about an hour later.


5/14/13 - Greenhouse Fire on Front Mountain Road


At 10:18 hrs, Companies 24, 25, 6, Truck 1, and Engine 3-2 were dispatched to the intersection of Front Mountain Rd and S. Kishacoquillas Street for a reported greenhouse fire. Chief 24 arrived on scene with a small greenhouse fire that was mostly extinguished by the Amish owner.  The 24-40 Box was held to Engine 24.

Greenhouse fireGreenhouse fire extinguished


(photos courtesy of FF Benn)

5/13/13 - Engine Catches Work in Reedsville


Around 11:15 hrs, Mifflin County Communications dispatched companies to Brown Twp, 120 W. Railroad Street (the Lumber City portion of Reedsville) for a reported house fire, Box 6-10.  Mifflin County Regional Police quickly arrived on scene and advised fire on the front porch.  Due to high winds, flames quickly spread into the first floor, and climbed the exterior of the home into the second floor.  Captain 6 arrived with heavy fire from the first floor, and flames from the second floor.  Due to low manpower from the first-in companies, Command 6 requested the second-alarm assignment, sending Engine 24, along with several other companies to the scene.  Tanker 24 filled the box for Tanker 6.  Engine 24 arrived on scene, and the crew was sent to the staging area.  Tanker 24 was placed in service upon arrival.  The Engine crew was put to work pulling ceilings and overhauling the first floor.

House fire in ReedsvilleHouse fire in ReedsvilleHouse fire in Reedsville - Firement on ladder checking the atticHouse fire in Reedsville

(photos courtesy of Reedsville Fire Co, FF Benn, and Sgt Chester)

3/30/13 - A Busy Day for Company 24


At 10:46 hrs, shortly after finishing the Easter Flower Sale and preparing for the Egg Hunt, the tones dropped for a vehicle fire at West Back Mountain Road (old Peachey Builders), Box 24-50. Engine 24, Rescue 24, and Tanker 24 responded on the call. Chief 24-1 and Engine 24 arrived on scene with a working truck fire, with fire in the engine and passenger compartments. The Engine crew pulled a 1 ¾ inch crosslay and quickly knocked down the fire. Company 24 returned to service at 11:14 hrs.

vehicle firevehicle fire - front view

(photos courtesy LT Cline)


While the Engine was refilling the booster tank at a hydrant at Union Elementary, the tones went off again. At 11:32 hrs, Company 24 and brush units 25 and 6 were dispatched to Wills Road (across from the KV Bus Garage), Box 24-60 for a brush fire.  Engine 24 and the remaining units from Company 24 responded during dispatch.  Engine 24 arrived on scene, reporting a 30-foot by 50-foot area of grass burning.  Chief 24-1 arrived and held the Box to Company 24.  Crews pulled the reel-line off Special Unit 24 and extinguished and mopped up the fire.  The Box was placed in service at 11:52 hrs.

Engine 24-1 at the brush fire

Extinguishing the brush fire Brush fire

(photos courtesy FF Peachey, AFC)


The third call of the day came in shortly after the Egg Hunt began.  At 13:03 hrs, Brush and Tanker 24 were dispatched to Stone Creek Ridge Road, Miller Twp, Huntingdon County for a brush fire.  Both units responded, but were placed in service prior to entering Greenwood Furnace State Park.

3/10/13 - Brush Fire in the 5-20 Box


Shortly after 14:00 hrs, Mifflin County Communications sent brush units to McMahon Lane, Decatur Township, for a brush fire. Captain 5 arrived on scene with 3 acres involved and fire spreading quickly. Command 5 requested additional brush and tanker crews from all over the county.  At 14:21 hrs, Brush 24 and Special Unit 24 were requested the scene. Both pieces responded fully staffed. Crews dug fire lines around the fire in order to contain it and then mopped up.  Units cleared around 17:00 hrs.

Mountain fireMountain fireMountain fireMountain fire

(photos courtesy of FF Joe Sharp)

1/27/13 - Two-Car Accident w/ Injuries


At 15:59 hrs, the 24-10 Box was struck for a motor vehicle accident with injuries at the intersection of State Route 655 and Garver Road , sending Company 24, EMS 23, and Medic 12.  Chief 24-1 arrived to find two cars involved, all occupants out, but two injuries.  Crews from Engine and Rescue 24 assisted EMS with patient packaging and controlling the downed fluids.  Ambulances 23-1 and 23-2 transported the two patients to the hospital.  Company 24 remained on scene until the arrival of Parson’s Towing and then returned to service.

Red car with front end damageGreen Volkswagon with front end damage

(photos courtesy of FF Benn and MCRPD Sgt. Chester)

1/26/13 - Company 24 Takes in Two Calls


At 15:16 hrs, Companies 25, 24, 6, Huntingdon County 20, and EMS 23 were alerted to Dogwood Lane, Menno Twp, Box 25-10, for a chimney fire with possible extension into the house.  Chief 25 arrived on scene with smoke showing from the home.  Engine 24 was the first piece of equipment on scene, laying a 200-foot supply line and pulled a line into the home to find the extended fire.  Crews from Engine 25 picked up the supply and pulled an additional cross-lay off E-24, opened the exterior wall, and hit the fire. Chief 25-1 had command of Division 1 and Chief 24 had Division 2.  Fire was contained to the walls on both floors, crews ventilated the home, and units cleared a short time later.

Fireman cuttin through the outside wall

Cutting the outside wall along the chimneyFiremen at work


The second call of the day occurred at 18:16 hrs, Company 24 was requested to respond mutual aid to a possible structure in Brady Twp, Huntingdon County. Upon the arrival of units from Company 20, it was determined to be a controlled burn and units returned to service.

1/22/13 - MVA on Jacks Mountain


At 19:11 hrs, Rescue Company 24 was alerted to an auto accident with rollover on Jacks Mountain Road in the area of the Flat Road.  Crews arrived confirming dispatch and reported no injuries.  Units cleared a short time later.

1/21/13 - Two-Alarm Garage Fire & Rekindle


At 12:49 hrs, Companies 25,24,6, Huntingdon 20 and EMS 23 were dispatched to Stonewood Drive, Menno Twp for a garage fire.  Chief 25 arrived on scene with flames showing from a detached two-car garage.  Due to extremely light staffing and no response at fail time from the above units, a second alarm was requested.  This brought additional units from Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties.  Engine 24’s crew split: one team backing up E 25 in the garage, the other taking a line into the house.  Second alarm units staged at the Whitehall Store.  Tankers were requested to the scene and the staged units were called as needed.  Due to high winds, flames reached the exposed house and caused major damage to the rear and interior of the structure.  Units cleared several hours later.

Garage after the fireFiremen check the rooflineFiremen on the roofFiremen on the roof

(photos courtesy of Dalton Long, Allensville Fire Co.)

At 19:52 hrs, Co 25, 24, 6, and EMS 23 were dispatched back to the residence for a possible rekindle. Engine, Rescue, and Tanker 24 were out the door before the end of dispatching. A responder from 23 advised of a fire to the rear of the garage, and the Box was held to Companies 24 and 25. Company 24 units arrived on scene simultaneously, and Chief 25 with Engine 25 assumed command a few minutes later.

1/11/13 - First Due House Fire


At 15:24 hrs, Box 24-30 was struck for a house fire on Wagner Street, sending Companies 24, 25, 6, Rehab 12, and Truck 14. Caller reported a fire in the attic and smoke throughout the home. Engine 24 arrived with smoke showing and the crew advanced a line inside and up into the attic. The crew encountered a small fire in the attic and quickly extinguished it. Chief 24 assumed command upon arrival and held the Box to Company 24. Crews ventilated the house and overhauled the attic and bedroom ceiling. No further fire was found and Company 24 returned to service approximately an hour later.

(photos courtesy of FF Benn and FF Zook)

1/9/13 - Engine & Rescue Go to Work in Allensville


Company 24’s first call of the year was to Allensville for a garage fire.  At 19:17 hrs, Mifflin County Communications sent Companies 25, 24, Engine 6, and Huntingdon County Co. 20 to Main Street, Allensville for a reported garage fire.  Chief 25-1 arrived to find heavy fire from the rear a detached garage/workshop.  Crews from E-25 pulled two lines to hit the fire and E-24 arrived to back them up.  Rescue 24 set up lighting and ventilation before beginning overhaul operations with E-25/24.  Command 25 placed the 25-10 Box in service at 20:24 hrs.

Allensville fire in progressEngine and fighters on the scene

Assessing the damage after the fire
(photos courtesy FF Benn & FF Chester)